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What does it take to earn your business?


Bruce Allison is focused on customer service and how he can better serve his clients. While his formal training is in Landscape Design, he found that he really craved more customer contact. Bruce opened The Mail Center in 1991 and has developed lasting relationships with large area corporations and small businesses alike. Area Fortune 500 companies are finding him to be an invaluable resource for convenient, cost effective equipment and product transport. Bruce can provide pick up and delivery and keep track of every aspect until completion. His attention to detail in packaging can help avoid shipping disasters. Does your company need materials delivered on time for a seminar? Is your business involved in relocating sensitive hard copy client files from one office to another? Are you experiencing seasonal shipping demands and need someone to assist with work flow? This is your one stop shipping solution.


Small businesses can count on Bruce to be their “concierge” for all manner of office needs including handling materials from suppliers, shipping out client samples, receiving faxes, and forwarding mail. Does your company require international shipping expertise? Are you trying to determine which transport service gives you the best option? These are just some of the ways Bruce proves to be a valuable asset in lowering your overhead and satisfying your customer needs.


Bruce loves vintage American cars and if you have a passion for road rallies, stop in and ask for directions! So whether you need special package handling, trustworthy forwarding of your mail out of state, advice on your lawn or really treasure and appreciate classic American cars, Bruce is your go to guy!


Bruce's Baby


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